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Science and Engineering

Science at Berkwood Hedge School provides full student engagement in design and build challenges throughout the year, as students explore and get a true understanding of the Design Thinking process. Through inquiry-based projects, students solve scientific mysteries, collaborate to conduct lab-based experiments, and apply what they have learned to engineer solutions to real-life problems. Students gain understanding and apply core concepts in thermodynamics, biology, earth science, ecology, and more.
Sixth grade science at Berkwood Hedge School introduces the concept of Design Thinking. Students learn to define criteria and constraints of design problems, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment. Throughout the year, they test and evaluate different design solutions to answer questions and solve problems pertaining to topics including energy, body systems, genetics and heredity, the Earth’s systems, and the Earth and human activity.
Science instruction in the seventh grade continues to explore Design Thinking through hands-on labs and engineering challenges. Building on core concepts introduced in sixth grade, students investigate scientific questions around matter and its interactions; photosynthesis; ecosystems and biodiversity; and earth science and renewable resources.
Through continued use of labs and design challenges, students solve problems pertaining to force and motion; energy; waves; mutation; selection and adaptation; evidence of evolution; and the solar system.