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Entrepreneurship and Internship

Our Entrepreneurship and Internship program empowers students to create meaningful change in their communities through partnerships with local organizations. In working with community partners to address challenges such as poverty, animal welfare, food insecurity, and more, students learn about themselves as they learn about their power to make a difference. Beginning in sixth grade with an intensive examination of identity, students identify their service passion and undertake a volunteer project in that area. The following year they advance to Internship, moving beyond volunteering to becoming part of an organization. In the eighth grade, students develop their own vision for how they want to change the world and a project to achieve that change. That project will be unique to every student--for some students it may be an independent advocacy project that happens through research and presentation. Others are going to be onsite with an established organization, developing a model and a plan for how they want to change the world in partnership with others.