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Performing Arts


At Berkwood Hedge School, our Creative Dance Program is a performance arts curriculum which integrates body and mind and nurtures the physical imagination. Students experience body awareness as they find their voice, trust in self and others, and a consciousness surrounding emotional and physical connectedness. The dance program provides students with a safe environment in which they are active participants in the joy of moving alone or as a cohesive group. Beginning with the exploration of the basic elements of dance, our program supports the National Dance Standards with dance, music, and rhythmic activities; dances and techniques from around the world; and engagement and strengthening of mind and body. Explorations of these elements lead the students to gain a deeper understanding of world culture, artistic expression, process, and performance. Most importantly, our dance program fosters physical and cognitive confidence as it provides a creative window to the world.



The Berkwood Hedge School Music program takes place in a non-competitive atmosphere where joy, play, and exploration lead naturally to the pleasure of making music with others. Our middle school program emphasizes percussion and stringed instruments. Beginning in sixth grade, students learn to play the guitar and the ukulele, and explore body rhythm, pattern development, rhythm cycles, and drumming styles from around the world.



Drama at Berkwood Hedge School focuses on creative expression and skill building. Through independent and collaborative theatre activities, students learn to use their voices effectively to convey emotion and meaning, gain confidence, become comfortable taking healthy risks, and build empathy. They participate in all aspects of stagecraft, including set-building, costume design and construction, stage management, and writing their own productions.