Middle School » Math


Our math program builds critical thinking abilities, computational skills and basic algebraic concepts. Through the integration of technology and problems that invite a variety of approaches and connect mathematical concepts to real-life examples, we encourage collaboration and independent thinking, creative problem solving, and learning in context throughout the course.
Sixth graders at Berkwood Hedge Middle School use a combination of learning experiences on paper that are flexible and creative as well as experiences with technology that are dynamic and interactive. Throughout the year, students will dive deeply into Area & Surface Area, Ratios, Unit Rates & Percentages, Dividing Fractions, Expressions & Equations, Positive & Negative Numbers, Data Sets & Distributions, and Decimal Arithmetic.
Building on the concepts introduced in sixth grade, students delve deeper into algebraic, geometric, and statistical problem solving. Continuing their use of integrated tech tools that model dynamic real-life problems, students explore mathematical concepts including: scale drawing; proportional relationships; measuring circles; proportional relationships and percentages; operations with positive and negative numbers; expressions, equations, and inequalities; angles, triangles, and prisms; and probability and sampling.
Using tools such as digital manipulatives, number machines, graphs, and scatter plots, eighth graders explore deeper mathematical concepts including: transformations and congruence; dilations, similarity, and slope; proportional and linear relationships; linear equations and linear systems; functions and volume; associations in data; exponents and scientific notation; and the Pythagorean Theorem and irrational numbers.