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Berkwood Hedge Middle School

Now Touring and Accepting Applications for 5th and 6th grades.  
Tours and Applications for 7th grade for fall 2022 will open in September.

In Fall 2021-2022, Berkwood Hedge Middle School will welcome its first class of sixth graders. 


Berkwood Hedge Middle School will excite, inspire, and engage students with an innovative and relevant program, built upon our 75 years strong foundation, cultivating the leaders our world needs now and in the future. 


The next evolution of the oldest progressive elementary school in the East Bay, Berkwood Hedge Middle School offers a child-centered, hands-on program designed to meet the needs of early adolescents and to spark their interest and enthusiastic engagement. Our intention is to create a learning environment that cultivates Courage, Creativity, Compassion, and Confidence. 


At Berkwood Hedge Middle School, students will experience a rich program of academics, electives, and extracurricular activities:


  • Berkwood Hedge Middle School builds on our strong foundation of Project-Based Learning. Through student-driven, real-life experiences, we create hands-on opportunities that make sense to young adolescents and the way they learn. Projects that inspire students to dig deeply into topics that are important to them provide opportunities for them to ask, explore, and engage, developing critical thinking skills and becoming architects of their own knowledge.
  • Our STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum will emphasize how these real-world subjects are relevant to our everyday lives and play a vital role in the future. From algebra to astronomy, coding to climate change, our project-based, hands-on curriculum will challenge and inspire.
  • Humanities class will be more than just reading and writing, but a deep exploration of the human experience. Our students will develop an understanding of the social and political dynamics that shape history and the world we live in today.
  • Wild Ways, our three-year naturalist program, builds on our foundation of outdoor education and social and environmental justice. Through regular outings in nature students will learn outdoor skills, as well as traditional technologies and indigenous crafts.
  • In our Entrepreneurship and Internship program, students will work with community partners to learn about professions and to build skills including business planning, budgeting, and creative problem solving.
  • As students gain maturity and experience, leadership takes on new meaning. Student Council, the Buddies program, and Service Learning all offer opportunities for middle school students to develop strong connections to their community, advocate for themselves and others, and create partnerships with local organizations addressing issues that matter and are relevant to them.
  • The focus of the Art of Living program will be our students’ own lives. They will explore dynamics of identity, body image, social pressure, and more, gaining perspective and tools to address the challenges of early adolescents. Our program will also build a strong foundation in high school readiness, as well as some of the basics of “adulting”--cooking, sewing and mending, financial literacy, time management and organization, and more.
  • Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of Performing Arts through electives such as Choir, Percussion, Dance, and Drama. Set-building, costume design, choreography, and lighting are also possible ways for students to participate. Students will also have opportunities to deepen their study of Visual Arts: drawing, painting, photography, and clay work. We hope to build partnerships with arts organizations so we can offer metalwork, glass, or graphic art.
  • At Berkwood Hedge Middle School, social justice means we strive to move beyond tolerance to celebration of differences. Through the intentional study of identity and diversity, spiritual literacy and value systems, and power and privilege, students will build understanding and empathy, and will have the opportunity to put their learning into practice by developing their own social justice projects through our leadership and service program.


For 75 years, we have nurtured a community in which intellectual and emotional development are inseparable. Over the course of their journey with us, our students find their purpose and their passion in learning and in life, developing deep empathy for others, forming their own beliefs and values, and exercising their voices and choices. We look forward to offering your middle school student the opportunity to grow and thrive with us.


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