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Social Studies

Berkwood Hedge School’s Social Studies course is more than just History. A deep exploration of who we are and how we live, our class covers everything from our own construction of identity to our global connectedness. Teachers serve as guides and catalysts as middle school students evolve academically, socially and emotionally. Through the study of historical and current events, comparative religion, and world cultures, students develop strong research, and analytical skills; an understanding of the social and political dynamics and expanding spheres of influence that shape history and the world we live in today; and the compassion and courage to be agents of positive change.

By researching relevant topics and engaging each other in debates utilizing evidence-based positions, sixth graders will discover ancient cultures, focusing on people’s everyday experiences, living and working in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. We explore ancient games, medical practices, and architecture. Through class simulations, students tackle problems confronted by ancient peoples in establishing civilizations.
Seventh grade students explore what it means to be part of a global society through investigation of world religions, cultural universals, and environmental justice. Using inquiry-based research, debate, and design challenges, students will develop spiritual literacy and an ethical and historical context for understanding global current events and the unique ways in which different cultures view and interact with the environment.
Eighth grade students explore the origins of our democracy and individuals and events that have shaped our country. Through the study of upstanders and bystanders, power and identity, and social movements and activism, they develop an understanding of the importance of social, political, and civic engagement.