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Fire Class


As the oldest class in the school, fifth graders become increasingly independent and self-aware learners. Friendships that have developed through the grades deepen. Special projects and trips, featuring two end-of-the-year culminating experiences - one a major dramatic production, the other a weeklong outdoor trip - are transformative experiences for the students.

Fifth graders are engaged in activities that encourage cooperation, flexibility, divergent thinking, and organization. They are ready and able to make sense of complex concepts and interrelated knowledge, and well prepared for taking notes, asking questions, and joining in class discussions to make learning their own.

Students leaving Berkwood Hedge are well prepared to take on the world of middle school.

Fiery and sometimes feisty, our oldest students energize the school.

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I believe that teaching is largely a cooperative venture with students - we both act as learners and as teachers. I want students to believe in themselves and feel capable to take on both roles.
Marianne Burkhead, FIRE teacher