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Language Arts

Berkwood Hedge School’s Language Arts course is more than just English. Through the study of literature and writing, students develop strong research, writing, and analytical skills; an understanding of the social and political dynamics and expanding spheres of influence that shape history and the world we live in today; and the compassion and courage to be agents of positive change.

With a reading workshop format, sixth graders become powerful and more nuanced readers. Students read and evaluate multiple perspectives, taking notice of who is telling the story and who is missing from the story. Representation is vital and our goal is for all students to see themselves in the books they read as well as developing empathy for people with experiences that differ from their own.
Seventh graders build  skill in primary and secondary source analysis, as well as honing their ability to read and dissect a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. Writing practice focuses on organizing their ideas, developing their voice and sentence fluency, and gaining proficiency with various narrative styles.
In eighth grade, students continue to develop competency in research, primary source analysis, reading and analyzing fiction and nonfiction works, and thesis-based writing.