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The Berkwood Hedge School Library collection contains roughly 5,000 books electronically catalogued for easy access. Staffed by parent volunteers, the library is open every day at lunchtime and all day Monday. The library provides a much loved place to listen to a story read-aloud or cozy up with friends to read, research a topic, look at a picture book, or check out books to take home.

In addition to staffing the library, active parent volunteers maintain our special collections, including World Folktales and a Music Library (under development). Annual events for the library include "Book This Evening", a family event featuring a presentation by a local children's author, a community poem writing workshop during National Poetry Month in April, and "Summer Reading Ideas" where local public librarians join independent booksellers for a book talk and presentation.

Our rich library program extends into the classroom, where each of our teachers maintains an extensive collection specific to grade level curriculum and children's interests. Students develop strong research skills from the beginning. Kindergarteners know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Upper grade students can identify primary and secondary sources and retrieve reliable information from books, journals, and on-line sources.

We believe in fostering a relationship with the public library and our close proximity to the downtown branch of the Berkeley Public Library allows all of our classes to visit the library, meet local librarians and hear stories, check out books for pleasure reading, and attend library programs.