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Earth Class


Second grade is a special year because the children have gained a new awareness of themselves and each other. Friendships are very important now, and the children work through their conflicts carefully, with appropriate adult support.

In second grade, academic skills and fluency begin to bloom across the disciplines. Children develop as readers and creative writers. Mathematicians explore the landscape of their numerical world by solving real-life math problems and sharing their discoveries with their classmates.

The classroom is a place where the children gain independence and take risks, as well as a safe place to draw, listen to stories, get to know the classroom pets, and play with friends.

The "EARTHLINGS" often work with clay, creating beautiful and functional pottery pieces that reflect different areas of curriculum study.

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Second graders have a natural inclination to explore and speak honestly of the world they know. I love to watch how their curiosity drives and deepens their learning.
Kristin Kinning, EARTH teacher