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Our annual three-day Teach-In begins with a Community Meeting each morning, followed by workshops that focus on a social justice theme.

Past Teach-In themes have included:
  • 2002/2003:  Berkwood Hedge Peace Teach-In
  • 2003/2004:  Berkwood Hedge Environmental Teach-In
  • 2004/2005:  Different Ways We Learn
  • 2005/2006:  Berkwood Hedge Geography Teach-In
  • 2006/2007:  Geography and World Culture
  • 2007/2008:  Living in the Bay Area: Berkeley and East Bay History and Geography
  • 2008/2009:  Connected and Respected
  • 2009/2010:  Thinking Outside the Box:  Examining Stereotypes
  • 2010/2011:  ABC:  Art Builds Community
  • 2011/2012:  Science for Social Change
  • 2012/2013:  DIY 
  • 2013/2014: Money: Adding It Up - Money Matters
  • 2014/2015: Geography- An exploration of how geography shapes who we are and how we live
  • 2015/2016: Change Makers and Up Standers:  We All Make a Difference
Child-centered workshops incorporate music, visual art, literature, drama, and various projects to bring the themes alive for children.