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Water Class


Fourth grade students are entering a pivotal point in their lives - preadolescence. They are enthusiastic, curious, opinionated, and eager for more independence. Fourth graders move from the lower classroom building to the upstairs classrooms, and officially become the "big kids".

The fourth grade language arts and social studies curriculum provides opportunities for students to think critically, read primary sources, and learn the craft of writing through studying exceptional literature. Classroom discussions and group work provide opportunities for students to clarify and deepen their understanding of content, and to make connections to their own experience. The math curriculum includes complex real world problems that involve algebra, complex patterns, and geometry.

Fourth graders are carefully guided as they begin to develop time management and organizational skills and begin to take on more responsibility as community members. They mentor their first grade reading buddies and participate in Student Council.

A study of WATER is a central part of the fourth grade curriculum.

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I especially enjoy teaching because it is so interpersonal. The students provide immediate feedback, which keeps me in a constant state of reflection on my practice. One of the questions I commonly ask myself is: "Am I teaching to the heart?" I strive to make the process of learning passionate and meaningful for each student."
Erica Ryan, WATER teacher

By 4th and 5th grade, children are starting to move from concrete ways of thinking to more abstract thought processes. The ability to make generalizations and think algebraically is a big step for children and I truly enjoy sharing their excitement as a whole new world opens to them.
Vera Balarin, WATER teacher