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The Annual Fund is the school's most important fundraiser of the year!


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 What is your tax identification number? 

Berkwood Hedge School's tax identification number is 94-1408159

What is the Annual Fund?

The Berkwood Hedge School Annual Fund is our top fundraising priority. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide the critical, current-use, unrestricted dollars our school needs to provide an excellent student experience, maintain our buildings and facilities, and support our areas of greatest need. Each gift to our Annual Fund directly impacts each person at Berkwood Hedge School.

 For more details on the Annual Fund and how it works, please feel free to contact Kris, Director of Advancement at [email protected].

Why does Berkwood Hedge School have an Annual Fund?

Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Berkwood Hedge School education. Gifts to the Annual Fund an important source of unrestricted operating funds that the school uses to support associate, specialist, and lead teacher salaries, classroom materials, professional development, and tuition assistance.

Why doesn’t the school just raise tuition to cover the difference?

While we do adjust our tuition each year, keeping tuition at a relatively low level allows us to make a Berkwood Hedge School education accessible to more families. Currently, our tuition is one of the lowest in the East Bay. Raising tuition to cover the full cost of educating a student would make attending Berkwood Hedge School unobtainable for many families and would be in contrast to our mission and vision.

How will the money raised through the Annual Fund be put to use?

Gifts to the Annual Fund support:

A dedicated associate teacher for each grade

Our rich art program

Filtered water in every classroom

All classroom supplies

Faculty and specialist salaries

Facilities maintenance

Faculty training in social and emotional learning, math, Project-Based Learning

and more

Tuition assistance

Why is 100% participation so important?

Each year, Berkwood Hedge School strives for 100% participation from the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and current family communities. Parent participation in our Annual Fund makes an enormous impact on each child’s experience and symbolizes the collective investment in our learning community.

A high level of parent participation in our Annual Fund may also support funding through grants and major gifts for special projects. Strong community participation indicates a high level of commitment that may influence outside donors. Berkwood Hedge School also solicits gifts from alumni, alumni families, grandparents, and friends of the school to offer all members of our learning community the opportunity to support our school. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund offer our school the greatest flexibility and are our number one priority.  

How do I know how much to give?

We ask that while your child is a student at Berkwood Hedge School, you make the school a philanthropic priority. Gifts to the Annual Fund range from $10 to $30,000. Each and every gift impacts our programs and shapes your child’s experience--a $10 contribution can pay for a roundtrip BART ticket for a field trip! We recognize that some families will give more and some less, and we appreciate the generosity of everyone who chooses to give.

All contributions are kept confidential.

I can’t give very much. Will my donation really make a difference?

Absolutely! Every contribution, no matter how small, counts toward our 100% participation goal.

Do you accept employer matching funds?

Yes. Please check with your employer to see if it matches charitable donations. If so, this is an easy way to double your contribution! Your employer will give you instructions on how to take advantage of this benefit.

Can I donate appreciated assets to the Annual Fund?

Yes. If you have stocks that have appreciated in value since you originally purchased them, there can be additional tax savings if you donate these directly to the school. Please contact Director of Advancement, Kris Jachens at (510) 883-6990 ext. 103 for further information.

Is it important that I give before December 31, 2022

Yes. This deadline is very important so we can begin our budgeting process for the coming year. We want to continue to manage our financial resources well, and knowing the amount raised enables us to appropriately budget resources.

If you have any additional questions about the Annual Fund and how it works, please feel free to talk to Kris or contact her at [email protected].

Thank you for supporting Berkwood Hedge School!