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What is your age requirement for kindergarten?
A child must be five years old by December 1st of the kindergarten year to enter kindergarten at Berkwood Hedge School.
How large is your school?
We offer one class at each grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade. There are generally 17-20 students per class.
Does Berkwood Hedge School offer tuition assistance?
Yes, nearly 50% of our families receive some tuition assistance. Tuition awards are need-based, however every family pays a minimum of 25% of the annual tuition.
How does Berkwood Hedge School make admissions decisions?
We use a variety of criteria to make our admissions decisions, first and foremost is the child's developmental readiness. We seek students and families who help us fulfill the school's mission and whom we believe would thrive in our community. To create a diverse environment in each classroom, we consider gender, ethnicity, socio-economic situation, cultural background, learning style and family structure. Decisions are also guided by the teacher recommendation forms (provided by your child's preschool or current elementary school teacher), and by observation of your child by a classroom teacher during their visit to the school.
Kindergarten applicants visit the school in small groups on a Saturday morning in late January or early February. The visit lasts approximately one hour and is structured as a mini kindergarten day.
What kind of learning environment do you provide?
Our curriculum reflects the developmental levels, talents and challenges of our students. We treat each child as an individual learner, meeting them where they are academically, and challenging them appropriately. Our curriculum is integrated across disciplines, and students interact as they learn. Social justice values thread through the curriculum. We want our students to be aware of the larger community in which they live and for them to develop "wide-awake" lives as ethical and articulate people with strong critical thinking skills.
What types of enrichment classes do you offer your students?
Beginning in kindergarten all children participate in Spanish, studio art, music, choir, and physical education classes. Grades 3-5 also have drama classes. In the afterschool program, classes such as dance, yoga, cooking, and sports are offered throughout the year.
Are students given standardized tests at Berkwood Hedge?
Berkwood Hedge does not test kindergarten through fourth grade children. In the fifth grade, students learn how to take standardized tests and are given a standardized practice test.
Do you provide extended care?
Yes, Before School care begins at 7:30am and After School care is available until 6 pm. Some of our After School staff are fluent in Spanish, and Hispanic culture and language are integrated into the program. Many of our students attend After School care and we provide a warm and friendly afternoon environment. Supervised Homework Club is available Monday through Thursday.
Where do your students attend middle school?
Our students successfully move on to a variety of independent and public middle schools, including King, Willard, Longfellow, Julia Morgan School for Girls, East Bay School for Boys, Prospect Sierra School, Head-Royce, Black Pine Circle, Park Day, The Academy, The Berkeley School, Redwood Day School, The Athenian School, The Bentley School, and St. Paul's Episcopal School.