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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the school's single most important fundraiser of the year. We strive for 100% participation every year, to ensure that we can continue to provide such innovative programs as: Learning Specialists Program, Spanish for Native Speakers, field trips and environmental science enrichment.

The Annual Fund is essential in bridging the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating our children.
In addition, your tax-deductible donation will help us to continue to ensure competitive salaries for our teachers, and support our tradition of a strong tuition assistance program.



What is the Annual Fund? The Annual Fund is Berkwood Hedge’s largest fundraiser. We aim for 100% participation from current families and staff in 100 days. Our goal is to raise at least $100,000. The Annual Fund concludes on May 2, 2016.


Why does Berkwood Hedge have an Annual Fund? Like all independent schools, Berkwood Hedge has a gap between operating expenses and tuition income. The Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a child at our school  (approximately the equivalent of $2,000 per student).


Why doesn’t the school just raise tuition to cover the difference? One of the guiding principles of Berkwood Hedge is diversity, including socio-economic diversity. Our tuition is low to help ensure that our school remains accessible to as many families as possible.


How will the money raised through the Annual Fund be put to use? Funds help to finance our strong programs, augment classroom budgets, and provide competitive salaries that allow us to retain our dedicated teaching staff. The Annual Fund also helps us provide tuition assistance for families who need it.


Why is 100% participation so important? One hundred percent participation in the Annual Fund is a way we express our commitment to our community and its teachers and staff. 100% participation is also a benchmark that many foundations use when deciding whether or not to award grants. 


How do I know how much to give? We ask that each family give the best donation they can. Donations to the Annual Fund range from $5 - $30,000. Some families use the Annual Fund as an opportunity to bridge the gap of approximately $2,000 per student and give accordingly. For others, the amount will be less. Some families have the financial ability to give well beyond the tuition gap. All contributions are kept confidential.


I can’t give very much. Will my donation really make a difference? Absolutely! Every contribution, no matter how small, counts toward our 100% participation goal.


Are donations tax-deductible? Yes. Berkwood Hedge School is a non-profit organization FEIN #94-1408159. 


Do you accept employer matching funds? Yes. Please check with your employer to see if it matches charitable donations. If so, this is an easy way to double your contribution! Your employer will give you instructions on how to take advantage of this benefit.


Can I donate appreciated assets to the Annual Fund? Yes. If you have stocks that have appreciated in value since you originally purchased them, there can be additional tax savings if you donate these directly to the school. Please contact Director of Development, Kemmeo Parr at (510) 883-6990 for further information.


Is it important that I give before May 2, 2016? Yes. This deadline is very important so we can begin our budgeting process for the coming year. We want to continue to manage our financial resources well, and knowing the amount raised enables us to appropriately budget resources.


If you have any additional questions about the Annual Fund and how it works, please feel free to talk to Kemmeo or contact her at