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Berkwood Hedge School is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees.
The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include ensuring the school's financial health, managing long term strategic planning, setting policy, fundraising, assisting with public and community relations and performing an annual evaluation of the Head of School.
The official term of office for all board members is two years, beginning in September and ending in August. The Board elects its officers - Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
The Board of Trustees reflects the diversity of the Berkwood Hedge School community and is heterogeneous with regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, cultural background, economic status, physical differences, family composition and sexual orientation. Parents and community members are represented on the Board. The Head of School serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
The Board of Trustees meets no less than once each month during the school year. Each board member, with the exclusion of classroom teachers, serves on at least one committee. Standing Board committees include Finance, Development, and Board Governing and Nominating.