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Berkwood Hedge School Summer Hike and Bike

Summer means more time to get outside, move your body, and enjoy our beautiful East Bay green spaces. What if you could do those things while helping our school community at the same time? You can! We are excited to announce the Berkwood Hedge School Summer Hike and Bike--our first ever school hikeathon/bikeathon. Between now and July 31, set your goal, collect sponsors, and then hike, walk, bike, or scoot to benefit the Community Support Fund.  


How it works:

  1. Set a Goal. You can track either miles or time. For example, “I will walk 20 miles by July 31,” or “I will mountain bike for 15 hours by July 31.” If you choose an activity like hiking in the hills, or mountain biking, or if your children are very young, it might make sense to track time rather than miles. If you are walking or cycling on flat trails and around your neighborhood, tracking miles might make more sense. It is up to you!
  2. Collect Sponsors. Who do you know who might support you and support the school? Grandparents, neighbors, and family friends are all good choices. Record their pledges on your pledge sheet or a spreadsheet. They can pledge a certain amount per mile or hour of activity (e.g. $1 per mile) or pledge a single amount (e.g. $20). 
  3. Turn in your pledge sheet. Email your pledge sheet to Kris so she can keep track of your pledges. Berkwood Hedge School will follow up with your sponsors when you have completed your goal.
  4. Hike and Bike! Whenever you complete your chosen activity, note it on your weekly calendar so you have a record of your participation. 
  5. Turn in your calendar.  Email your calendar to Kris so that she can follow up with your sponsors, let them know how many miles or hours you completed, and collect their pledges. 

That is all there is to it! We will keep you updated on how many miles and hours our community has completed, and the amount of money that has been raised. Contact Kris if you have any questions, and have fun!