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Learning Specialist Program

Each classroom at Berkwood Hedge includes a Learning Specialist.

The role of the Learning Specialist is based on the knowledge and experience that there is great diversity in learning. The more that we know about how our students learn, the more we can support a positive and successful school experience.

The primary role of the Learning Specialists at Berkwood Hedge is to provide support to the classroom teachers and students by:
  • Providing resources to teachers and parents
  • Discussing students' individual needs with teachers and parents
  • Conducting classroom observations
  • Recommending classroom accommodations and curriculum modifications
  • Providing small group remediation
  • Administering in-house screenings
  • Suggesting outside referrals
  • Conferencing with parents, guardians, and/or other professionals
In grades K-2, the Learning Specialists work closely with the classroom teachers on developing foundational skills in reading and math.

In grades 3-5, the focus is on building upon these skills, dependent on the students' individual needs.

The Learning Specialists are able to help identify and understand children's unique profiles and to strategize ways for teachers to address a variety of individual learning needs in the classroom. At times, they work directly with children to support their success with curricular activities or to address underlying learning needs. They focus on the child's particular learning profile, always mindful of each child's areas of strength and individual learning styles.