Alex Stone » Alex Stone, 6th Grade Lead and Math Specialist

Alex Stone, 6th Grade Lead and Math Specialist

Born in Indiana, Alexander Jefferson Stone was raised in San Jose, California. He graduated from the College of Education (COE) Elementary Education Program (EEP) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.  In the spring of 2017, he officially became a highly-qualified elementary school teacher (HQT). Most inspired by his mother who was an educator for 25+ years, she instilled in him the importance of education.  When asked what drives him to teach, Alex said, “Knowing that I will have a lifelong effect on children drives me to do better every day.  Not only will my students learn from me, I will be able to learn from them which is very satisfying.”.   When he isn’t teaching, Alex loves being outdoors; ocean kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping.