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Residing in Oakland, Ca., Kim is a lifelong multi-disciplined visual artist, dancer, choreographer, percussionist and educator. Kim has a B.A. in Fine Arts and her practice is influenced by a lifetime of dance and performance guided by many master teachers from around the world. After extensive dance and musical touring, she came to Oakland and has been teaching dance and art in the greater Bay Area, preschool through adult, public and private, since 1996. Kim has worked with the San Francisco Symphony, The Head Royce School in Oakland, Art from the Heart in San Rafael, Cazadero Family Camp, Park Day School, Aim High, The San Francisco Ballet and Marin Ballet. Kim believes in the power of creativity and encourages her students to explore, create, enjoy, collaborate, get to know themselves and the world around them through art, dance and music. Her mission as an educator is to give back what has been given to her. Whether creating art, performing on stage, teaching a lesson, Kim will share all the energy and love of the arts her esteemed teachers have unconditionally given to her.