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Liza Finkelstein

Liza Finkelstein is the mother of Berkwood Hedge alumni Olivier Laurent (‘17) and Tia Laurent. Her formative professional years were spent teaching ESL, English and Literacy intervention in Hunter’s Point and the Mission district for SFUSD. She has continued to work toward high quality, equitable education for all by serving for almost a decade on the advisory board of New Leaders, a national non-profit that recruits and trains catalytic leaders for transformative change in underserved urban public schools. Liza is deeply committed to seeing education as the fundamental civil right’s issue of our time and is currently co-creating FULCRUM (, an Oakland based non-profit, focused on disrupting and repairing the root of education inequity for Oakland’s students by pushing K-12 systems to adopt evidence-based foundational literacy practices for all. For Liza, human connection - friendship and deep collaboration - are the deepest values she holds and the work to make the world a better place all stem from here.  Liza also loves to cook, to delight her friends, and to laugh!