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Rebecca Husband, Librarian

Rebecca is a Berkeley native and Berkwood Hedge alumni. She earned her B.A. In American Civilization with a minor in Education at Brown University. Rebecaa has over a decade of experience working with children––For 15 years, she worked at summer camps for children with HIV as a counselor, nature teacher and director, and she has several years of experience running after school programs, from teaching life skills at Richmond High to leading a cross age tutoring program with at-risk youth at Willard Middle School.

For the past four years she has served as a lunchtime librarian at Berkwood Hedge and has been an active member of the Library Committee. As the librarian at Berkwood Hedge she looks forward to increasing the curriculum connections between the library and the classroom, to improving the collection, and to building on all the work that has been done. Rebecca is in the graduate program in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State. She has two children at Berkwood Hedge, Owen (FIRE) and Henry (EARTH), who have been regulars in the library over the years.