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 Walker lives in San Francisco, where he is, "fairly well known for his poetry."  His book Mirage Farm, was  published in 2005.  He has published retellings of world mythological tales in various middle-school textbooks.  He feels that storytelling for children accesses sources, genres, and styles from which forms of imaginative appreciation continue to deepen and expand.
     Walker has taught at Berkwood Hedge since 1993, of which he says, "The uniqueness and grace of each teacher I have worked with nourishes a live tradition of educational creativity which I continue to encounter each day."  He tells myths drawn from the ancient classics at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  He speaks on a variety of poetic and philosophical themes the last Sunday of most months at the Bird and Beckett Bookstore.  Walker was educated at Drury College and the University of North Carolina.