Middle School » Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade


Seventh grade students explore what it means to be part of a global society through investigation of world religions, cultural universals, and environmental justice. Using inquiry-based research, debate, and design challenges, students will develop spiritual literacy and an ethical and historical context for understanding global current events and the unique ways in which different cultures view and interact with the environment. They build skill in primary and secondary source analysis, as well as honing their ability to read and dissect a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. Writing practice focuses on organizing their ideas, developing their voice and sentence fluency, and gaining proficiency with various narrative styles.



Building on the concepts introduced in sixth grade, students delve deeper into algebraic, geometric, and statistical problem solving. Continuing their use of integrated tech tools that model dynamic real-life problems, students explore mathematical concepts including: scale drawing; proportional relationships; measuring circles; proportional relationships and percentages; operations with positive and negative numbers; expressions, equations, and inequalities; angles, triangles, and prisms; and probability and sampling.



Science instruction in the seventh grade continues to explore Design Thinking through hands-on labs and engineering challenges. Building on core concepts introduced in sixth grade, students investigate scientific questions around matter and its interactions; photosynthesis; ecosystems and biodiversity; and earth science and renewable resources.



Seventh graders focus their Wild Ways studies on plants, animals, habitats and ecosystems. Through naturalist-led hikes and excursions, students learn about the native flora and fauna of our area and study how interactions with humans and invasive species impact important ecosystems. Over the course of the year, students will complete the requirements to be Junior Naturalists.