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Jessica Ratigan grew up in Berkeley and, after a few years of adventure on the East Coast, now lives close by in Oakland. She earned her B.A. in Art History from Santa Clara University, and volunteered in the Head Start program. She obtained her Teaching Credential and Masters in Education from Mills College. Jessica has been teaching for over a decade in classrooms of grades K-3. She spent a few years working as an English subject teacher in a bi-lingual program and loved collaborating with the Spanish teachers while learning so much about their cultures. She supported students with special needs in their independence in the classroom. She has most of all enjoyed her several Head Teacher roles through the years. 

Jessica was drawn to Berkwood Hedge through its community values, especially Social Justice and Community Integration. She is committed to supporting her students to connect their classroom learning to their lives and vice-versa. She welcomes students to bring up difficult questions or curiosities about the world in order to explore them in a safe and supportive classroom community. Jessica is thrilled to work with the in-coming second grade students to create a classroom community of open-minded, caring, critical thinkers in the EARTH classroom.