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Lissette Dominguez, Trustee

Lissette is an Adjunct Instructor for the Department of Elementary Education at SFSU in addition to the Department of Child Development at Merritt College. Lissette graduated from SFSU with a Masters in Elementary Education and has been a working professional in the field of Education since 2002. As a professional in the field, Lissette has gained an appreciation for child-centered practices that allows the curriculum to emerge from the ideas and actions of children.

 After touring Berkwood Hedge School with her husband, she instantly knew it was the ideal place for her son (2024). Finding a school that allowed children to construct their own knowledge through active and collaborative practices was essential. She has seen tremendous growth around her son’s development and love for learning and appreciates the teacher’s ability to meet students where they are in their educational journey. Lissette is excited for the opportunity to serve on the board and looks forward to giving back to this incredible community. In her free time, Lissette enjoys listening to music and dancing.