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Constructivist Approach

Berkwood Hedge School's constructivist approach is based on the understanding that children construct their own knowledge of the world through active and collaborative exploration of their learning environment. Each day in our classrooms, children's natural curiosity provides them the motivation to learn and grow as individuals.

Our experienced teachers create child-centered environments filled with lively discussion, collaboration, social interaction and play.

They understand that learning happens on a developmental continuum unique to each student, and children proceed on individual timelines.

Curriculum is built around themes that interest children and connect to their lives.

Students are given time to question, experiment, and reflect deeply on the ideas they encounter as they explore literature, mathematics, science or the arts.

Critical thinking skills develop as children actively pursue meaning, both independently and cooperatively.

Through careful observation, as well as more formal assessments, teachers develop an awareness of what each child needs to help create meaning and understanding at every stage.

Using this knowledge, teachers provide tools, experiences, and purposeful instruction that challenge and engage students at just the right level, helping all students learn and progress throughout the year.