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Adult class with Berkwood Hedge School art teacher Kalen Meyer

Jeannie McKenzie, former BH Music teacher is offering classes in energy work and healing

Happy New Year! I am excited to be sharing a new round of classes for January and February. I will be traveling in Ecuador, doing healing work from  February 21st to March17th.  I invite you to join me in gaining more clarity, reducing attachment to outcome, and accelerating the evolution of your soul on its journey to full expansion with my upcoming classes, workshops and healing sessions.

Wild Return New Mama’s Nature Group

Because you don’t have to be stuck at home with your baby.
Because you can experience freedom and connection, mindfulness and sisterhood, feed you body and your spirit.
Because time in nature doesn’t need to feel intimidating or unrealistic.
Because you can nurture your baby and be nourished at the same time.
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