We Have Been Recertified as a Green Business!

Berkwood Hedge School was the first green certified school in Alameda County and has a long tradition of environmental stewardship. After a several-month assessment process of examining our practices, and visits by 3 different auditors (EBMUD, City of Berkeley solid waste department, and a general visit to our campus by a Green Business Consultant), we have been re-certified as a Green Business. Recertification is a complex process, requiring evaluation of everything from the paper we use in the copiers to the disinfectant we keep in the janitor’s closet, and balancing often conflicting environmental concerns. Because we have been a Green Business since 2005, much of the groundwork for this process was already in place. 
A sincere big thank you to Debbie for her leadership in this process and to our school’s Green Team for their great support. Climate change is arguably the most pressing issue of our time. The consequences of climate change are inescapable and require all of us to do our part in order to preserve our wellness and life on our planet. The well-being of our global community is in jeopardy and we all must be more intentional and explicit about shifting our attitudes and behaviors toward greater sustainability. Every choice makes a difference, from our purchasing decisions to how we pack our lunches. Thank you to our learning community for your efforts to care for the planet—Let’s do more!
We were asked to write a testimonial about why we chose to be a Green Business and the advantages of the process for the Green Business website:
"Berkwood Hedge School was the first school in Alameda County to earn a Green Business certification in 2005. Care of our planet is an integral element woven throughout our social justice curriculum. As a school we had already incorporated many green practices into our day-to-day operations. We welcomed the guidance of the Green Business Program to help further improve our practices. 
At this time of environmental crisis, the certification process is an opportunity to reflect on your business’s impact on our environment. The application process helps you assess your practices and determine what practices you can alter to reduce your impact.”
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